Cowboys at Half Circle Ranch - Belgrade, Montana
Half Circle Ranch in Belgrade, Montana

Grass Fed Health Food?

Steak Imagine a health food that looks like meat, cooks like beef, tastes like beef and is very tender, yet with less fat and cholesterol content than poultry and flounder.

This food contains a powerful natural ingredient called CLA. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a powerful Omega 3 fatty acid contained in all “grass fed” animals - be it wild caught fish or butter made from milk from grass fed dairy cattle. Now...there is such a food and it is Half Circle Ranch Montana Grass Feed Beef.

We want to help you continue to enjoy beef healthfully! Research is proving natural CLA to be a powerful ingredient in the prevention of all phases of cancer while reducing obesity and building muscle.

To provide this healthy meat, we have gone to great lengths to provide hormone free natural beef which has been fed grass their “entire lifespan,” never fed grain, and never given a hormone or anti-biotic injection. This is truly, individually pampered Montana grass fed beef which is simply delicious.

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