Grass Fed Piedmontese Beef
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About our Grass Fed Beef

We owe our success in part to a pollution-free, high mountain setting and a remarkable, new lean breed of Montana grass fed cattle called “Piedmontese.” Piedmontese cattle come from the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy.
Grass Fed Piedmontese Beef - Lean, Low Cholesterol and Very Tender!


Chemical Free/Grass Fed

No growth stimulants, biological/antibiotic shots or other potentially harmful hormone shots are administered. If at any time during an animal’s life a medical shot becomes necessary, Half Circle Ranch will sell this animal at a local auction as commercial livestock and thereby remove it from the ranch. The herd is truly premium quality, both individually and collectively Montana all natural beef, and eats Montana’s hard grass that is recognized as highly nutritious.

Chefs and restaurant goers who have prepared and sampled Piedmontese beef rave at the tenderness and flavor. Independent, scientifically administered studies agree on both points, even proving by precise shearing force measurements (a method for testing beef by slicing and examining). Montana grass fed Piedmontese steak is easier to cut. And, in spite of remarkable low fat and marbling content, the beef is very juicy and extremely delicious.

Naturally Fed

In our beautiful, pollution-free, high mountain setting, our cattle enjoy a natural diet of grass in the summer and sun-cured hay in the winter. We maintain an environment free of drugs, pesticides and harmful chemicals.... Grass Fed!

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